Creating unforgettable immersive, exclusive gourmet experiences is what DolceVita Safari is all about...whether you're looking for craft whiskey distillery tours or off the beaten path vineyard tours or immersive brewery tours, we have an amazing experience that will deliver that true taste of place you're craving.  And if we don't currently have something in the region or with the gastronomic focus that you're looking for, contact us to discuss creating a custom experience just for you.


Our DolceVita Sessions are your opportunity to take a break from your busy life for just a few hours and get a taste of the sweet life to reconnect with your passions and be inspired.

Day Camps

DolceVita Day Camps are full--day excursions to an epicurean region for our guests to explore in a unique, off-the-beaten path manner with access to artisans and luminaries.

Weekend Safaris

DolceVita Weekend Safaris are 2 ½ day events that allow guests to truly disconnect and immerse in their epicurean passions. Learning new skills, meeting artisans and having intimate experiences.

Why DolceVita Safari?

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DolceVita Safari elevates the lives of like-minded souls by enabling them to feed their epicurean passions, disconnect and live in the moment. We help culinary explorers immerse in exclusive experiences with local artisans, experts and luminaries leaving them recharged and with a true taste of place after every one of our excursions.


By removing the hassle of planning and curating off-the-beaten path high quality experiences, we help our guests focus on exploring new regions and creating lifelong memories. 


Our team has years of experience curating culinary adventures and delivering world class service.  Our network is exclusive and vast with partners all over the world looking to deliver off the beaten path, inspirational gourmet experiences of all levels and interests.     Join us and slow down to savor the sweet life...

New on our Savor the Sweet Life Blog...

Our First Visit to the South African Winelands

Vineyard Views in Franschoek, South Africa

We’ve been busy exploring new areas for future DolceVita Safari experiences lately and we’re excited to share a little of what we recently found in the South African Winelands! While there are many different regions to explore there, similar to here in California Wine Country, we focused on Stellenbosch and Franschoek to start. It’s was a little counterintuitive for us at DolceVita Safari, because these are the most well known regions in South Africa…kind of like our Napa and Sonoma...and you know us, we’re always looking for off the beaten path, hidden gems. But I find when you first start exploring an area you have to start a bit mainstream before you can really get into the underbelly productively. So that’s what we did, although we did have recommendations from one of the top sommeliers in the country, Tinashe Nyamudoka of The Test Kitchen.  Because you know, we still have our DolceVita Safari standards!


So here’s a little photo journey to give you a taste of the sweet life that we experienced in the South African Winelands. While we may not have our South African experiences designed and ready to book just yet, always feel free to contact us to create a custom itinerary with that true DolceVita Safari essence.

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Our 2016 Hidden Gems...

Welcome to our new Hidden Gems series! November was the first month that we started sending our weekly email series to help our subscribers discover new epicurean favorites and nourish their passions by exploring off the beaten path foods, drinks, locations and more....what DolceVita Safari is all about! Don't want to wait for the next summary here on our blog? Sign up for our newsletter to get the weekly hidden gem delivered right to your inbox each Thursday...just in time for the weekend!

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